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The Postojna Cave Railway

Posted: June 30, 2012 in Slovenia

Something really different this time. The Postojna cave features the longest stretch of cave open to general tourist visitors in the world – 3.3 miles. And how do you get through this long stretch? Why, by a small electric train of course! While it may see a bit of an intrusion to run rails into a cave system, especially given the unique life forms that live there, it has certainly produced a spectacular and charming journey.

Postojna train station
The Small station of the cave railway.

Postojna-cave train in front of entrance-side
A locomotive and wagon on display outside the cave.


This lovely little journey takes us from the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana out to the town of Kamnik, the line’s terminus. The Slovenian countryside is charming in the extreme, especially in the second half of this video, and Kamnik itself is just beautiful.

The best part of all (for me!) is that around the 06:00-06:15 mark you can see the rather formidable housing estate where I lived for a memorable half-year – too long ago now! It was nicer than it perhaps looks and seeing this really left me quite choked up!