Here’s something a bit special. Dubai’s metro must run through one of the most futuristic urban environments in the world. Whether or not Dubai has a dark and oil-stained heart, this is a fantastic ride unlike anything else I have ever seen.


This lovely little journey takes us from the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana out to the town of Kamnik, the line’s terminus. The Slovenian countryside is charming in the extreme, especially in the second half of this video, and Kamnik itself is just beautiful.

The best part of all (for me!) is that around the 06:00-06:15 mark you can see the rather formidable housing estate where I lived for a memorable half-year – too long ago now! It was nicer than it perhaps looks and seeing this really left me quite choked up!

The sheer density and urban chaos is very much on display here, as we take a ride out from the centre of Osaka. As we pull into the surrounding mountains towards Kōyasan, the contrast is also apparent between the massively built city areas and the much more sparse and challenging mountain areas. Japan is a place of extremes and polarities and no mistake.

A short gentle train ride through the coastal countryside in southern Croatia, from Kaštela to Split. An extraordinarily beautiful place and far off the beaten track of most railfan videos.

A delightful cab ride through the wilder side of Taiwan.

El18-2243 Finse 2004-07-07

The amazing 7 and a quarter hour journey from Bergen to Oslo is presented here unabridged either as two massive Youtube videos or as a single massive downloadable file of 22 gigabytes, released under the creative commons license via the bittorrent network.  As the first cab ride I ever saw, this still has a very special place for me but, beyond that, it is still one of the finest out there, easily.  The scenery is amazing, as we take a plunge straight through the Norwegian mountains.  It is a relatively up to date line, so the ride is smooth and fast – obviously in a quality express train.  Most of it is single track until it approachesOsloand the first couple of hours must surely have among the highest number of tunnels of any railway line anywhere.

We start our journey at Bergen in a mountainous landscape, and the film gets off to a somewhat strange start when, after just 150 seconds of journey out of the station and sailing through the town, we immediately dive into a massive tunnel.  Unlike many train ride videos, the tunnels are not edited.  While staring at a black screen for nearly five minutes quickly looses its charm, it does at least give you a feeling of the massive scale of the mountains we are travelling through.  There are a LOT of tunnels on this route, of varying lengths – so a lot of black screen.

The highlight of the trip comes as we rise above the snowline and the world turns white and soon we are travelling through places where you would hardly expect a train to go!  By any standards, this is a beautiful video and you certainly don’t have to be a train nut to appreciate it.  The scenery we follow those twin metal threads through is some of the best anywhere in the world after all.

Below are the two parts on youtube

Here is the link to the original article (in English): , which also contains links to download the full journey as a massive 22gb file via bittorrent.  I think that producers of DVD cab rides should be taking note here.  It is a large file, but the quality of the video is superior to that of any DVD that I have seen.  NRKs grand gesture of releasing this online was certainly the best way to do it – better than spanning over half a dozen DVDs.  This is a spectacular example of using new media and distribution channels to achieve something magnificent.