Why Cab Rides?

Well – why not cab rides? Heheh! Seriously though, what is one of the top things children will reply when asked what they want to be when they grow up? A train driver! (Or at least, that was the case when I was young and I am told things haven’t changed much!) Like piloting an aeroplane, it remains one of the great fantasies – of being able to sit up front feeling the roar of diesel engines or the muted hum of electric motors and, at the touch of a few levers, feeling that great long tube glide into motion. Not many of us actually become our dreams and these videos can latch onto some of the feeling of that fantasy.

Likewise, in a life tied to dreary commitments, how many of us would get the chance to really travel down that remote branch line in Taiwan, or over the White Pass, Alaska? How many of us even know what it looks like out there? Like Google Earth, these simple videos become a way of experiencing just a taste of something different. A non-glamorous camera out of the front of a train provides an impression that tourist guides don’t show – the mundane reality of the world. As I like to say, roads travel past the front of things, all the showy façades that they want you to see . . . trains travel through the back of things! The back gardens, the rear walls, the hidden nooks and crannies . . .

I imagine not many people will sit and watch a cab ride all the way through – especially a longer one. Instead they are a background presence that you occasionally focus on more closely – something to have on as a soothing companion while you are working or relaxing. That’s how I use them anyway.

Or maybe it’s just me . . .

But all I can say to that is have a look and see for yourself!


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